Alexey Moskvin

Past Projects

'10 Billion'

'...but to emigrate is always to dismantle the centre of the world, and so to move into a lost, disoriented one of fragments.'John Berger

The photographic series is a way of exploring my own state of displacement - self inflicted exile, the experience of being a foreigner and living in a country that is different to the one I grew up in. For the project I would like to do a pilgrimage to the place where I was born and raised - St. Petersburg.

More about 'Baltic Exchange'

Present Project

'I sleep badly in strangers' homes and my own life is not near me.' - Osip Mandelstam

Media Artistry

My camera work is aimed, individually or as a selection, at both capturing the extrinsic, recognisable manifestations, and the intrinsic qualities and value of what is seen.

Alexey Moskvin. Russian born. British educated. Internationally experienced. Recognised as a leading 'eye' amongst the new generation of photographers and videographers in Europe.