Alexey Moskvin

'15 Minutes' 2006

'Spin' Vito Acconci

My intention for this project was to challenge ‘the decisive moment’. I took an image every 15 minutes for 2 days, trying to make the process simply mechanical and let time to be the thread of the project. I tried to be an assistant of the camera, rather than somebody who selects and controls composition - a photographer. I tried to be a spectator, rather than an author. At the same time my personality is deeply engraved into the images - I was there, and camera showed pieces of MY own life. To accentuate this I decided to include hand-written time stamps as I believe hand writing is the best representation of one’s personality.

I think Vito Acconci was the first and main inspiration to the idea - his ‘Spin’ project sparked my curiosity for ‘unpredictable’ images, the ones you don’t know what they look like before they are taken.

The project was conceived as a book - there is something mechanical in turning pages. The narration and order of the images is important and in a book form it is more likely that a viewer will go through images in the right order.